Payment Duration?
All payments are sent every 2 times per month. Minimum balance required for payout is €1.

Influencer membership?
If you’re an influencer with over 100k subscribers on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or elsewhere you may benefit from a free membership and you will also benefit coupons for your affiliate program.

Payment Methods?
Affiliate commissions are paid via PayPal, Check and Wire Transfer.

Can I participate if I live outside the US?
Yes, you may participate in the affiliate program if you live outside of the US. We have affiliates from all over the world and more are joining every day.

Does it cost to become an affiliate?
There is no charge, however you need to have a Golden account to be able to benefit from the affiliate commission. Or you can also benefit from the program if you’re an influencer.

How can I set-up an affiliate account?
You may set-up an affiliate account directly on our website, once you have a golden membership. You can’t become an affiliate partner without a membership on our website.

How do you benefit from affiliate?
Website owners or content creators might benefit from the opportunity to generate revenue via their website, through the banners or textual links. With easy-to-use tools you can see what is working best and also access detail reports to your incomes.

How much is the commission?
We have a simple and Percentage rate policy of 50% (+ 30% for one time) for each new member you bring in to our website. If you check our dedicated affiliate section on our website you can see more details around how it works and how you can implement it on your website, i.e. banners or textual links.

What if I have more than one website?
You can participate through multiple website as well and you can track their performance individually on our web tools.